About us

Our Purpose

We are a team of industry experts who help our international clients to fulfil their importation from China to the rest of the world becoming a process of simplicity and reliability. We diligently deliver value to our clients across the world with our expertise on sourcing, developing, manufacturing, shipment, and after sale.

In Crownstar, everyone firmly believes that our purpose is realized on offering the best possible services. We commit ourselves to great design, innovation, teamwork, and satisfaction to our clients. Since 2003, Crownstar has been delivering all kinds of products made in China to various importers, distributors and DIY chain stores around the world.

Our Vision

Delivering Value to our customer is the core vision in Crownstar.

Different market has its own appeal on product design, costing, distribution, and sales circle. We embrace spirit of agility and simplicity in the implement of Supply Chain throughout the whole service procedures, ensure our clients gain long term value to their business.

Our Culture

Respect and Diversity

Crownstar is managed by people around different areas in China with different ethics and background. Crownstar believes that creating a respective and equal environment, in which everyone is valued with his/her own personality and ability, are the cornerstones to Crownstar’s long-lasting relationships. We take great cares about our staffs in Crownstar, our clients, suppliers, and subcontractors, who is working together to create a better world together.