Crownstar provides the goods our customers needed with our supply chain strategy

  • Collaboration
    Crownstar works with our customers closely, listens to what they need, analyse the best solution on product design, materials, packages, transportation and fulfilment, by using the latest technology, professional expertise and best supply chain solution.
    • Innovation
      Different customer, different needs. When our clients come to us with an idea for new product, Crownstar product research and design team is ready to be of service. From the initial product concept, to select the right material and production process, to CAD drafting, We ensure the customer’s idea come into reality, with a detailed proposal on prices, quality, quantity, package, and delivery method options.
    • Sourcing
      Crownstar has been cooperated with more than 800 factories / suppliers around China, mainly in the Guangdong province, the most developed manufacturing area for consumer goods in China. Crownstar chooses its factories by their commitment on consistent quality, Safe Performance and Regulation Compliance. We respect fair trade and human rights and request all our factories should do the same.
      • Competitive Costing
        Crownstar calculates the product costs as competitive as possible, though our creative production process, parts combination and package designs. Besides, our smart selection on logistics enhance our price competitivity.
      • Raw Material Sourcing
        To ensure the products are up to the standard, Crownstar selects the most suitable raw materials from factory for the best quality and price.
      • Sample Compliance
        Crownstar works with factory closely to ensure the samples are up to the requirements and standards as per the original features and quality.

    • Oversee
      HANDS-ON policy is carried out at Crownstar in overseeing the order fulfilment process, all the way from product design to sea shipment.
      • Production Supervision
        Crownstar is connected with all parts of supply chain, monitoring the production process by our modern technologies.

      • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
        Crownstar sets quality standards, systems and procedures to the products with our factories. By appointing 3rd party independent laboratory, we ensure the ordered goods are up to the international standards as per agreed with the customers. On site quality control and Final Random Inspection are two critical steps make Crownstar stands out from the peer.
  • Delivery
    Crownstar logistic team are working around the clock to deliver the customer’s products in time and in place.
    • Delivery is not just sending one thing from one place to another place. It is a teamwork among people around the world. Crownstar cooperates with local haulage services, international shipping forwarders, couriers, and shipping lines across the world. We set up contingency plan for our clients so they can be rest assure the goods will be at the place in time.
    • Crownstar offers flexible logistic solution for logistics, from warehousing, repacking, custom clearance, freight forwarding, container consolidation ( this is the most welcome among our customer! ) , to other value added services.